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Abandoned Foundry, Sheffield (February 2015)

This place was a Sheffield based manufacturing firm which specialised within producing Iron and Steel quality rolls, discs and sleeves for the manufacturing and food processing industry.

Had an eye on this location for a while after a failed attempt during the fall of last year however a fail only makes us want to try again so we did!

Visited during a weekday so the area where this Foundry is based was that little bit more busier than usual. Access was fairly simple with a little climb and a little jump, something along those lines anyhow.

Once inside, I was amazed by vast open space! I’m a sucker for open spaces. Before the visit I knew the place was stripped of most of it’s original equipment however it was cool to still be able to climb into the main work cranes and have a bogey around!

What interested me about this works was the fact that it had a medical room full of equipment in a vintage style, which is always cool to see; you’ll see this within the photos later on!

The works also had a WW2 airaid shelter which was locked, unfortunately!

Now now, onto this piccys you’ve been waiting for!





IMG_4486 (2)

IMG_4489 (2)

IMG_4494 (2)


IMG_4487 (2)

IMG_4498 (2)







IMG_4503 (2)

Many many many more posts to come! Stay tuned, thanks for reading.

More photos can be seen from this visit on my Flickr:


big G

Abandoned Hotel, Sheffield (April 2015)

This hotel closed in 2010 and opened back in 1966 where it was a 5* Hotel back then but was never modified since so therefore it was seen as old/deteriorating. There’s a series of bad reviews on tripadvisor from its later years which I’ll share a link too below;


The hotel was iconic for it’s city centre attraction and the fact that it had an underground carpark for its customers so therefore cars were seen as safe and protected during guest stays.

Ever since getting into buildings and the exploring malarkey I’ve always had my eye on this building due to roof and the fact that it’s central to the city so it’s guaranteed an amazing view! But like everyone else I heard stories such as it’s locked up and it’s owned by the police to train police dogs. Over the last couple of years there’s only been an hand full of reports and visits so I made it my mission to get into this beast and get on that roof! Over the past few months I’ve checked it out and had no success until I saw that someone got on the roof recently so I knew it was possible! After further scouting I couldn’t work a way in but I knew it had to be possible! After doing some chatting to people I knew and all that fun stuff I discovered an entry which didn’t look possible due to how small it was! I found out later that this was the access that’s been used recently so I knew it was sure possible! Big shout to the person who gave me an hot tip when it came to access assistance, you know who you are!

One rainy Sunday afternoon in April me & a good friend went for it and managed to get in the way we planned causing no damage; which was great, we was fully stoked! The access was challenging to say the least which we totally expected but it was sure was fun.

We made it our task to drag the explore out for a prolonged time so we got to the roof for when it was dark to get some night shots. After hours of going through all the rooms/floors we made it to the roof which was amazing! What was even better was he fact that it stopped raining and it turned out to be a very clear day! We got some shots and set a time-lapse going as we still had an hour or so till it went fully dark so we back in to check some rooms out and have a good chill, it was very cool having an entire complex the size of this to ourselves!

Out of the whole place only a couple of rooms still had original hotel stuff in them such as retro televisions, beds, shelving and all that sort of stuff! I didn’t expect to discover anything like this due to people who have been reporting it was ‘fully stripped out’ etc!

After the long wait we managed to get several day shots and night shots from the roof. It was a great feeling to get onto the top of an iconic building which not many people have been on and this is one day I’ll never forget; good vibes all round! However from our visit we must have stirred a question amongst people who are interested in this building as I received a few messages from people I’ve never spoken too asking how to get in, this is something I generally don’t disclose due to me personally putting a lot of hard work in to discovering access so I only believe it’s fair for them to do similar work to gain such a good reward! Later it became apparent that some people decided to break in a much easier way to the stealth/discreet way which we went which was annoying as this kinda ruined the fun and accomplishment! However the building is now sealed again from as far I’m concerned as our entry as well as the broken entry access is now sealed! It’s a great feeling to have photos what not many people have/desire!

Finally to what you’ve all been waiting for, the photos!!

















As usual I managed to snag a quick video clip from the roof!

Also as mentioned earlier I mentioned to capture a full hour time-lapse which goes into 30 seconds!

More photos can be seen from this visit on my Flickr:


As mentioned earlier; this day is sure one I won’t forget! If you’ve made it this far, thank you for going out of your way to read this post and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing!

Nothing was taken, damaged or vandalised during our visit. We took only photos and admired the great city view!


Abandoned Tram Depot, Sheffield (April 2015)

Built in 1910. Closed within the 90s, part of this site was demolished to make room for student accommodation which sits next door.

Access to this place sure was fun! Not much remains here except for a shell, some nice windows, a tower and a sweet mini rooftop vibe. It was great to see signs of new life in here (pigeon chicks!).

Boom, on with the photos!












Managed to snag a little video of two pigeon chicks I found while here! They was plenty more chicks hidden around.

More photos can be seen from this visit on my Flickr:



Abandoned Chapel, Sheffield (March 2015)

A building I’ve had my eye on for a while but it’s been completely locked until our try today! It’s a small Abandoned Chapel within Sheffield, loved this spot due to the lighting and the cool objects left behind. Abandoned places of worship are a personal favourite of mine. The Chapel was constructed in 1787 and closed in 1993.
















Also managed to capture a quick video clip of the Chapel on my phone which you can view below!

More photos can be seen from this visit on my Flickr:



Abandoned Health & Safety Related Works, Sheffield (March 2015)

So it’s been a while since I’ve last posted, got a few good explores to go up on here over the upcoming weeks. Here’s an explore from a couple of days ago. The spot appears to be an Abandoned Health & Safety/Storage/Pesticide Related Works.

It was a great little location with some nice things left behind. They wasn’t many signs of activity here however they was one room what was completely burnt out! No Streetart/Graffiti within this location, watch this space however!
















More photos can be seen from this visit on my Flickr:



Abandoned Public House, Sheffield (January 2015)

Really enjoyed this explore due to the place having several cool things left behind and the overall decay was great which you’ll see! The Pub had a cellar with two parts however one part was completely flooded out. Didn’t venture far upstairs due to the floors been gone due to water damage. We wasn’t alone during this explore as we bumped into an American lady who said she was checking the place out, no idea what she was actually doing but it was great to meet her in such a place. Read up after that this location has had haunting related activities!








More photos can be seen from this visit on my Flickr:


The Comeback

It’s been a good month in Sheffield for us so far in terms of Phlegm’s creations as we have been greeted with two new arrivals! There’s the chance of some more cropping up, which is fantastic!

The first piece completed this week is located on Devonshire Street on a shop we all know named ‘Rare & Racy’. You’ve got to love the justification of this piece!

28.01.2015 00-37 (1)

28.01.2015 00-37 (2)

Onto the next piece which is in a more remote location however it’s still in Sheffield!

‘The Spider’

After having a failed attempt on the first day with me going completely the wrong direction (left instead of right) making it a lot harder for myself, I missed out due to it going dark. I went again on the second day after some expert guidance from a good friend. This has to be one of my favourites to date!

28.01.2015 00-37

28.01.2015 00-37 (3)

28.01.2015 00-38 (1)


28.01.2015 00-38

28.01.2015 00-39

Also managed to snag a shaky video of the location/piece while there.

More posts to come over the next few days/weeks from my recent Explores in Sheffield & beyond!


Abandoned Brewery, Sheffield (December 2014)

Stones Brewery (William Stones Ltd) was a regional brewery founded in 1868 by William Stones in Sheffield, West Riding of Yorkshire, England. William Stones had started brewing in 1847 in Sheffield with Joseph Watts. Following Watts’ death in 1854 Stones continued brewing by himself. In 1868 he purchased the lease of the Neepsend Brewery, and renamed it the Cannon Brewery, and he continued to brew there until his death in 1894. Stones’ success saw him die as one of the richest men in Sheffield, although he lived a modest life.

The company was taken over by Bass in 1968, then in 2000 Bass sold its brewing operations to the Belgian brewer Interbrew who were ordered by the Competition Commission to sell the Stones brand. In 2002, the brand was purchased by the American Coors Brewing Company, who merged to become Molson Coors in 2005. Stones Bitter was brewed at the Cannon Brewery from 1948 and was popular with Sheffield’s steel workers. Stones Bitter was originally available across the south of Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, with distribution extended to the rest of the north of England in 1977, and nationwide from 1979, accompanied by a considerable marketing push. Increasing demand saw it also brewed at other Bass breweries from the 1970s onwards.
Taken from ‘Wikipedia’ – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stones_Brewery

One location which I’ve been to numerous times but never got round to arranging the photos/doing a blog post on. Over the last year the place has been very popular with Explorers, both Graffiti & Street Artist and also youths playing around. Due to the popularity of the spot the brewery has taken some hammer in terms of damage which is a real shame but I guess that’s the nature of a disused building. The site is huge 3 buildings and massive underground which I’ve yet to explore. In terms of the buildings I’ve pretty much covered them all during my several visits here, it’s one location I don’t get bored of due to the vast amount of new content by both the Graffiti & Street Artist. In terms of ‘Street Art’ my favourite pieces here are the ‘Phlegm’ which you’ll see within this post and the ‘Angry Face’ which is over on my Flickr, a link will be at the end of this post. The brewery consist of the famous rings, a number of stairs and general building artefacts. The building offers a great rooftop vibe over Sheffield’s past industrial quarter.

I’ll move onto the photos you’ve all been waiting for. I’ve tried to streamline the amount of photos in this post to be as minimal as possible due to they been so many on offer! The rest can be seen on my Flickr which again as usual will be linked at the end of the post.











‘Rings’ with work on the right by Eugene Booms & Colorarti

Eugene Booms & Colorarti; again

The ‘nose’ in the first and the ‘eyes and nose’ in the second photo by Colorarti


Work by Phlegm


‘Rooftop Vibes’ with work by Eugene Booms

More photos can be seen from this visit on my Flickr:


The Green Man

The latest piece by Phlegm, Sheffield (December 2014)

As soon as I saw that Phlegm had completed a new piece in Sheffield I had to get there as it’s been a while since he’s been around painting Abandoned buildings in Sheffield. Really liked the fact that this piece was more of a Rurex explore.

I had a rough idea where the piece was due to Phlegm been rather insightful in his post and posting the location, however I still had to do some working out to find it. What was great was the fact that I’ve been round here art hunting before! The challenge of finding this piece was great. When walking down to the piece I obviously went the bad/non-easy way causing me to get muddy and ‘dunged’ a few times in some marsh lookin stuff, all fun RIGHT!

Hairbyslice78 assisted me with some first hand tips due him been to this location before the Phlegm piece. You’re missing out if you haven’t seen his blog, https://hairbyslice78.wordpress.com/.

On with the photos now!








Also managed to snag a shaky video of the location/piece while there.

I also got a POV of the whole explore on my GoPro which I still haven’t had chance to over the footage.

Phlegm does some incredible work. Do check out his blog over at; http://phlegmcomicnews.blogspot.co.uk/

More photos can be seen from this visit on my Flickr: