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Abandoned Lunatic Asylum, West Yorkshire (May 2015)

It has been a while since I’ve posted on the blog, lets just say everything’s going to be back to normal and running smoothly again!

The hospital is located within the City of Leeds metropolitan borough and was first opened on 8 October 1888 as the West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum. The hospital closed in 2003 and the site has since been developed for residential use, some of which is in the old hospital buildings.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Royds_Hospital


The explore was a rather random decision and wasn’t planned in the slightest, the ones which are always the best!! We managed to get into two buildings which were on this site, with one been to what I believe was a school type building judging by what was left and then the other been the Admin Block to the former Asylum. These are the only two parts which are left on this site due to the rest of the Hospital been demolished/converted into luxury houses and apartments. The Admin building is very impressive and still consists of some really grand rooms, a ballroom, endless corridors and a clock tower with an impressive view of the estate.

We visited the school type building first to which we entered by an already open door, we thought this was the entry to the entire complex initially.

These first three photos are from the first building!

IMG_3582 (2)

IMG_3570 (2)

IMG_3568 (2)

Asylum Admin Block
Entry to this part of the complex was a tad more challenging than an already open door!

IMG_3584 (2)

IMG_3585 (2)

IMG_3595 (2)

IMG_3642 (2)

IMG_3653 (2)

IMG_3692 (2)

IMG_3723 (2)

IMG_3736 (2)

IMG_3759 (2)

IMG_3762 (2)

IMG_3771 (2)

IMG_3779 (2)

IMG_3784 (2)

IMG_3800 (2)

IMG_3803 (2)

Admin Block Clock Tower & Rooftop Vibe

IMG_3811 (2)


More photos can be seen from this visit on my Flickr:




Abandoned RAF Hospital, Lincolnshire (April 2015)

RAF Hospital Nocton Hall was a 740-bed RAF hospital serving the predominantly RAF personnel based at the large number of RAF Stations in the area. Officially designated as No. 1 RAF Hospital Nocton Hall, it opened in June 1947. It was used by forces personnel, their families and local civilians until it closed on 31 March 1983.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAF_Hospital_Nocton_Hall

This explore was 1 of many during a mad exploration packed day back in April! More posts will be up shortly from the day. Big shout to ‘Never a Dull Moment’ for making this day happen, you can check her awesome photos over on Tumblr at: neveradullmo.tumblr.com

Loved this place especially due to the amount of decay and the vast amount of corridors, they was long and huge; perfecto! Corridors are a personally favourite when it comes to Abandoned Locations so this one was sure special! Even though the Hospital was pretty stripped in terms of original equipment etc it still had a great feel and told a story!


IMG_3040 (2)









IMG_3086 (2)




IMG_3125 (2)



IMG_3154 (2)

Overall a great photogenic location! Loved every bit of it, would sure love to pop back again at some point and check the bits I missed.

More photos can be seen from this visit on my Flickr:


big G

Abandoned Hotel, Sheffield (April 2015)

This hotel closed in 2010 and opened back in 1966 where it was a 5* Hotel back then but was never modified since so therefore it was seen as old/deteriorating. There’s a series of bad reviews on tripadvisor from its later years which I’ll share a link too below;


The hotel was iconic for it’s city centre attraction and the fact that it had an underground carpark for its customers so therefore cars were seen as safe and protected during guest stays.

Ever since getting into buildings and the exploring malarkey I’ve always had my eye on this building due to roof and the fact that it’s central to the city so it’s guaranteed an amazing view! But like everyone else I heard stories such as it’s locked up and it’s owned by the police to train police dogs. Over the last couple of years there’s only been an hand full of reports and visits so I made it my mission to get into this beast and get on that roof! Over the past few months I’ve checked it out and had no success until I saw that someone got on the roof recently so I knew it was possible! After further scouting I couldn’t work a way in but I knew it had to be possible! After doing some chatting to people I knew and all that fun stuff I discovered an entry which didn’t look possible due to how small it was! I found out later that this was the access that’s been used recently so I knew it was sure possible! Big shout to the person who gave me an hot tip when it came to access assistance, you know who you are!

One rainy Sunday afternoon in April me & a good friend went for it and managed to get in the way we planned causing no damage; which was great, we was fully stoked! The access was challenging to say the least which we totally expected but it was sure was fun.

We made it our task to drag the explore out for a prolonged time so we got to the roof for when it was dark to get some night shots. After hours of going through all the rooms/floors we made it to the roof which was amazing! What was even better was he fact that it stopped raining and it turned out to be a very clear day! We got some shots and set a time-lapse going as we still had an hour or so till it went fully dark so we back in to check some rooms out and have a good chill, it was very cool having an entire complex the size of this to ourselves!

Out of the whole place only a couple of rooms still had original hotel stuff in them such as retro televisions, beds, shelving and all that sort of stuff! I didn’t expect to discover anything like this due to people who have been reporting it was ‘fully stripped out’ etc!

After the long wait we managed to get several day shots and night shots from the roof. It was a great feeling to get onto the top of an iconic building which not many people have been on and this is one day I’ll never forget; good vibes all round! However from our visit we must have stirred a question amongst people who are interested in this building as I received a few messages from people I’ve never spoken too asking how to get in, this is something I generally don’t disclose due to me personally putting a lot of hard work in to discovering access so I only believe it’s fair for them to do similar work to gain such a good reward! Later it became apparent that some people decided to break in a much easier way to the stealth/discreet way which we went which was annoying as this kinda ruined the fun and accomplishment! However the building is now sealed again from as far I’m concerned as our entry as well as the broken entry access is now sealed! It’s a great feeling to have photos what not many people have/desire!

Finally to what you’ve all been waiting for, the photos!!

















As usual I managed to snag a quick video clip from the roof!

Also as mentioned earlier I mentioned to capture a full hour time-lapse which goes into 30 seconds!

More photos can be seen from this visit on my Flickr:


As mentioned earlier; this day is sure one I won’t forget! If you’ve made it this far, thank you for going out of your way to read this post and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing!

Nothing was taken, damaged or vandalised during our visit. We took only photos and admired the great city view!


Abandoned Underground Medical Centre, Sheffield (May 2015)

Here’s a location which I’ve been wanted to get to for quite a while now and this month I finally got round to it! Only a few shots taken here however due how dark it is, glad I got a few photos however to look back on which is always a good thing! Access to the place was funny as always but it was cool taking the easier way out! 4 basic shots with the consultation room one been my fav! The medical centre hasn’t always been underground, it was initial part of a major steelworks which was demolished and the medical centre survived, a carpark is now built on top of the medical centre along with loads of rubble and trees. It could be here for many years to come just hidden away from reality!

IMG_3549 (2)

IMG_3551 (2)

IMG_3558 (2)

IMG_3562 (2)

A couple more photos can be seen from this visit on my Flickr:

IMG_3549 (2)

Thanks for the read, got tons of posts to come over the next coming days/weeks! It’s just a matter of sorting them out which is going to be done!

London adventures

Recently I’ve been to London, within this post are some of the more touristy photos of London.





London Eye:



Southbank Skatepark:





Big Ben:


Downing Street:












Apologize about the pic heavy post, just wanted to get a good amount of good quality shots to say I haven’t posted in a while. More street art based posts to come very soon. Thanks for reading!