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Abandoned Foundry, Sheffield (February 2015)

This place was a Sheffield based manufacturing firm which specialised within producing Iron and Steel quality rolls, discs and sleeves for the manufacturing and food processing industry.

Had an eye on this location for a while after a failed attempt during the fall of last year however a fail only makes us want to try again so we did!

Visited during a weekday so the area where this Foundry is based was that little bit more busier than usual. Access was fairly simple with a little climb and a little jump, something along those lines anyhow.

Once inside, I was amazed by vast open space! I’m a sucker for open spaces. Before the visit I knew the place was stripped of most of it’s original equipment however it was cool to still be able to climb into the main work cranes and have a bogey around!

What interested me about this works was the fact that it had a medical room full of equipment in a vintage style, which is always cool to see; you’ll see this within the photos later on!

The works also had a WW2 airaid shelter which was locked, unfortunately!

Now now, onto this piccys you’ve been waiting for!





IMG_4486 (2)

IMG_4489 (2)

IMG_4494 (2)


IMG_4487 (2)

IMG_4498 (2)







IMG_4503 (2)

Many many many more posts to come! Stay tuned, thanks for reading.

More photos can be seen from this visit on my Flickr:



Abandoned Underground Medical Centre, Sheffield (May 2015)

Here’s a location which I’ve been wanted to get to for quite a while now and this month I finally got round to it! Only a few shots taken here however due how dark it is, glad I got a few photos however to look back on which is always a good thing! Access to the place was funny as always but it was cool taking the easier way out! 4 basic shots with the consultation room one been my fav! The medical centre hasn’t always been underground, it was initial part of a major steelworks which was demolished and the medical centre survived, a carpark is now built on top of the medical centre along with loads of rubble and trees. It could be here for many years to come just hidden away from reality!

IMG_3549 (2)

IMG_3551 (2)

IMG_3558 (2)

IMG_3562 (2)

A couple more photos can be seen from this visit on my Flickr:

IMG_3549 (2)

Thanks for the read, got tons of posts to come over the next coming days/weeks! It’s just a matter of sorting them out which is going to be done!

The Shell

Here’s a cool place which I see rarely photographed. There’s not too much about it, just the cool structure of the long building. I believe it was part of a Steel Works in the day from signs I saw on the building. There’s not much graff here but plenty of wall space, this place needs to be painted!


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